You can download the build here:
Download: From Beyond Build

In the game From Beyond I took over the role of a 3D and 2D Artist, Texture Artist, Lighting Artist and Project Manager.

3D Art
For the most part I was modeling hard surface models like the kitchen, the fusebox and the office in Maya (including UVs). Then I used Substance Painter to do the texturing of each object.

2D Art
We needed pictures for most of the rooms. I was tasked with creating the art of these pictures and thus had to create art from the near future of japan. I tried to mix in some pop cultural references, so the player can have some fun by finding them all. Furthermore I created the poster in the room of the child to look like a fictional show by Akira Toriyama from the 1980’s.

Project Management
For the time of the project I was tasked to manage the workload for the team. I used Trello in addition to some self written tools in Excel on which we could easily track our progress.